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Pain & Performance Solutions


Do you have long-term, recurrent pains and injuries?

● Back Pain
● Hip Pain
● Shoulder and neck pain
● Knee and elbow pain
● New or recurring injuries
● Pre and post operation rehabilitation


Want to perform at your best?

● Improve your sports performance
● Improve your time
● Improve your mobility
● Improve your flexibilty
● Stay injury free
● Get back to a sport or activity you thought you'd never be able to do again

Other forms of therapy not working for you?
Pain & Performance Solutions will identify and correct the cause of your pain, not just treat the symptoms

Sports Performance

Want to perform at your best?

● Improve your time
● Improve your performance
● Improve your flexibility
● Stay injury free

I can help you

Injuries and Pain

Do you suffer from any of these?

● Back pain
● Hip pain
● Shoulder and neck pain
● Knee and elbow pain

Other forms of therapy not working for you?

I can help you

Mobility and Stability

Recover your independence

● Fear of falls?
● Want to move like you used to and feel more confident on your feet?
● Think you have to accept loss of mobility and stability as you age, think again

I can help you

The 3R System®

I have developed the 3R System® as a result of bringing together the knowledge from my continued education and my hands on experience of what actually works in practice.

The 3R system® primarily focuses on correcting dysfunctions within the central nervous system to improve muscle function.

The 3R System® results in a body that moves more easily, feels stronger, is more stable and aligned, performs better, has increased flexibility and a significantly reduced risk of injury.


Tight muscles and any tension is identified and released.


Different activation techniques are used to reactivate inhibited or lazy muscles.


The pelvis is realigned, and correct muscle firing patterns are established.

3R System® FAQ's

What is the 3R System®?

Over time muscles start to down regulate (turn off) which results in the body creating compensation patterns (other muscles start to do the job of the turned off muscles) which leaves you vulnerable to pain, injuries and tightness in the body. When it comes to rectifying these issues most practitioners will only address the symptoms rather than the cause. The 3R System® gets right to the core of the problem leaving you feeling better than ever.

Who is the 3R System® for?

Everybody can benefit from the 3R System®, young or old, elite athlete or sedentary individual. If you think you’re not moving or performing as well as you used to, feel like your muscles are tight, struggle with your balance, have niggling pains or recurring injuries, the 3R System® is perfect for you. If you participate in any physical activity regardless of the level, you will benefit from improved movement, balance, performance and reduced risk of injury.

What type of problems can the 3R System® help me with?

If you have any kind of physical injury, pain, muscle tightness, movement issues or just want to perform any activity better, then the 3R System® will help you.

Do I have to do any exercise?

The initial assessment is on a therapy bed and no exercise is necessary.

Can I bring somebody along for support?

Yes, I encourage you to do so if you feel nervous.

Will I need to get undressed?

The only thing that may need to be removed is your shoes and socks. As long as you are wearing loose clothing the 3R System® is carried out through that clothing.

How many sessions will I need?

You will typically see measurable improvements at your first session, how many sessions you need after that is totally dependent on your current condition. After your initial assessment I will be able to give you a more accurate answer to this.

How long is each session?

Your initial assessment will last between 60 - 90 minutes and each session after that will be 60 minutes.

What is the cancellation policy for appointments?

There is a charge for missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice. The charge is the same rate as the booked appointment.

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Craig was very helpful, extremely accommodating and let's not forget encouraging and motivating, but the best part of all is that he genuinely cares about his clients!I really can't thank Craig enough!

Luisa Beer - Derbyshire

I would thoroughly recommend training with Craig to anyone who wants to make a change to their lifestyle.

Jade Harland - Derby

Anyone with ANY problems with their back, knees, neck, hips, anywhere really, go and see Craig Measom the guy is a genius. It's almost witchcraft some of the things this guy can do. Cannot recommend him enough!!

Gaz Wilson - Derby

Being in my late 80s and having had a number of serious surgeries, I went to Craig to get my body working again. Now I can stand more upright and I can walk better and without the walking stick I had come to rely on. My body is returning making my life more comfortable.

Gerry Newing - Darley Dale