Why should you have a private blood test?

A Blood Chemistry Analysis takes the guesswork out of progressing to a healthier you.Blood testing is one of the best tools to help prevent degenerative disease.A comprehensive blood analysis provides a snapshot of your current state of health. This provides the opportunity to identify potential health problems in their early stages when they can be managed most effectively.The process is simple and involves me taking a standard blood sample from you, just like at the doctors.It’s great to be able to identify the cause of any issues that you know you have and be given the advice to correct them.
Issues such as...

Low energy
Poor sleep patterns
Mental fog
High blood pressure
Difficulty losing weight
Frequent illness
Low sex drive

A blood test can also identify hidden conditions and act as an early warning system to potentially prevent them escalating and becoming a lot more serious.

These could be things like...

High cholesterol
Liver conditions
Kidney conditions
Thyroid conditions
Nutritional deficiencies
Heart disease

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